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Welcome NPAQ Branch Secretaries



NPAQ has been busy onboarding new Branch Secretaries and Delegates throughout QLD. 


We would like to introduce you to Tania Taylor, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Geoff Stevens, The Prince Charles Hospital and Bronwyn Witeri, Gladstone Hospital.  

If you wish to nominate as an NPAQ representative at your workplace, we would love to hear from you.  Email Aenghas Hopkinson-Pearson, State Secretary at hotline@npaq.com.au


Tania_Taylor_NPAQ_Branch_Secretary_Princess_Alexandra Tania Taylor

Branch Secretary at Princess AlexandRA



Tania Taylor is currently working on a surgical ward at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and has been there since 2018. During her career, she has worked overseas in London doing both agency work and working privately in a Junior Sister post at a small private hospital. The majority of her nursing career was at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Victoria both as a graduate nurse and on returning from overseas as a Nurse Educator. Tania is passionate about being able to provide safe and timely care to patients. She believes that nurses voices are important to help shape the future with realistic expectations of the time required to care for patients at the bedside. Tania looks forward to meeting staff at the PA hospital and we’re honoured to welcome her to the role of Branch Secretary.


Geoff_Stevens_NPAQ_Branch_Delegate_Prince_Charles_HospitalGeoff Stevens

Branch Delegate at The Prince Charles Hospital



Geoff is a clinical nurse at The Prince Charles Hospital with thirteen years RN experience in a variety of specialties from cardiothoracic surgery, emergency, critical care, retrieval logistics/Telehealth and currently on a medical ward. He is approachable, honest and respectful- who is willing to go above and beyond to help colleagues at all levels and provide best evidence-based patient care. He has experience in nursing management across a variety of roles with a career aspiration of nursing management. We welcome him to the position of Branch Delegate for Prince Charles Hospital.



bronwyn_witeri_passport_photo_2020Bronwyn Witeri

Branch Secretary in Gladstone



Bronwyn Witeri has been a Registered Nurse since 1984 and is a founding member of NPAQ. She has lived and worked all over Australia from Tasmania to Far North Queensland in various settings including Rural Remote, Occupational, Contracts – Agency and Aged Care. Bronwyn has held roles from Registered Nurse to Director of Nursing. Outside of health, she has worked in the corporate and construction worlds in management. Bronwyn currently resides in the Gladstone area and for the past 3 years has worked as a Clinical Nurse at the Emergency Department at Gladstone Hospital.  We are thrilled to have Bronwyn as our Branch Secretary for Gladstone.