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Support & Disciplinary Meetings

Disciplinary Meeting

Working in nursing or midwifery can expose you to allegations of poor performance or misconduct, which may result in disciplinary action. Having such allegations made against you can be stressful and confronting. It is important that you know your rights and contact the NPAQ as soon as possible for assistance.

If you attend a meeting for a ‘chat’ and discover it is a disciplinary hearing, ask for the meeting to be rescheduled and for the employer to put their concerns in writing. 

How can NPAQ help?

  • Ensure your employer is providing you with an opportunity to gather supportive evidence before you meet. 
  • Make sure your employer conducts a proper investigation, and provides you with enough information to defend the allegations.
  • Make sure you are provided procedural fairness:
    • Opportunity to respond
    • An unbiased decision
    • The right to representation

Remember – always arrange for an NPAQ representative to be present at any disciplinary meetings or interviews.