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New branch secretary for the Royal Brisbane Hospital

Introducing Jean Halpin, NPAQ Branch Secretary for the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

Jean Halpin


Jean has been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years.  Initially training as a Midwife, with a degree in Applied Psychology and specialising mainly in ICU with QLD Health, with a year in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jean has also worked in Dental, Dialysis and Vascular areas.  

“I currently work in Hyperbaric Medicine and have always worked by the bedside.” said Jean

“As a NPAQ representative I can support nurses in the field: adding to and or giving them a voice to bring about positive change for themselves and the patients they care for.”  

“I believe NPAQ will make a positive difference for nurses.  I am very encouraged by the fact that it has no political affiliation and truly does give nurses a voice which is unmitigated by alternative agendas.”