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Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines

Mandatory Vaccine

As the deadline for aged-care workers to be vaccinated gets closer (17th September 2021), we are aware that there are still some Queensland nursing homes that face losing up to 90 per cent of staff as figures reveal the centres with the lowest vaccination rates. 

Are you covered?

NPAQ has received numerous enquiries on whether a nurse who has the mandatory vaccine for work purposes is covered for any severe reactions?

We understand that there is scope for this under Workcover.  It would require your Medical Officer to declare that ‘work caused the injury’ and the Medical Officer would need to indicate that the injury (reaction to the vaccine) is attributable to your work; not ”may” or “could have”. 

  • Queensland Health employees are entitled to 10 days Pandemic leave (Directive 1 of 20). 
  • Private Hospital employees - subject to your E.B. agreement. 
  • If no sick leave, there are options to claim through Centrelink. 
Other Insurance:

Private health cover generally covers the cost of the hospital and the extras that you have chosen. It is not a scheme that provides compensation.

Professional Indemnity Insurance, which is included in your membership and required by AHPRA, is available should legal action be taken against you whilst carrying out your professional duties. ie if giving vaccinations, caring for patients, covid testing or any other activity that is part of your scope of work, PII covers you and is backed by NPAQ’s legal support. 

Should I resign?

If you feel like you should resign rather than be vaccinated, please talk to our support team first.

There is a lot of unqualified advice floating around, so far we have heard things like “If you resign you do not have any employment rights”.  

Employment law is a bit more complex than that and we have a team of IR workplace specialists that will look at your personal situation on a case by case basis and ensure that you are clear on all the options available to you before making a decision. 

NPAQ supports your right to a choice.

NPAQ is supporting nurses' choice as tertiary-educated medical professionals to have or not have the COVID-19 vaccination. Therefore, if you are not wanting to get the vaccination for whatever reason, we will back you.

NPAQ's legal team is always prepared to defend your workplace rights, and we will support your right to choose whether you wish to receive the vaccine or not. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported this choice and backed nurses by signing our petition and/or writing to the government.  If you haven’t yet done so, it’s not too late. 

 Right to Choose