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In this village people with dementia can stay independent

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If anyone were able to wander in off the street at the Korongee Village in Tasmania, everything would seem both familiar and strange. 

The unique community is soon to open its doors to up to 96 residents who will all live with dementia. Read the full story  

It is estimated  400,000 people in Australia are living with dementia. Approximately  50% of residents in Australian residential aged care facilities have some form of dementia. Dementia Statistics | healthdirect 

Tasmania is home to The Wicking Centre, which is recognised as a place of excellence in education and research into dementia. It provides online education for anybody interested in dementia, both professional and the general public. It offers short courses right through to degree level. Some of these courses are fully funded by the Federal Government. NPAQ encourage all our members, especially those who work in aged care, to undertake these courses, as the prevalence of dementia will only increase with the world's aging population.

A short course in Understanding Dementia and Dementia Prevention will give you valuable tools to use every day and would look great on your resume!