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Help!!  I’ve lost my motivation

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Most of us have moments where we are unmotivated. Sometimes we are aware of it, while other times it creeps up on us and we find ourselves lost and irritated. 

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to find your mojo and get back on track.

  1. Know your Why 

As humans we are emotional beings and if there is no emotional investment in what we do, motivation will not last long term.  Identify your purpose and go back to what excited you the most when you started your nursing career.

  1. Monitor Your Self-Talk 

Be mindful of any negative conversations that occur in your thoughts. Self-talk can be harmful - It can assure you that you can’t do something and discourage you. It can fill you with fear if you let it. Do not ignore the power of self-talk. You might not have control over your situation, but you always have the ability to change your mindset and approach.

  1. Create a Health Plan 

Maintain your health so you can perform at your best.  If you ignore your own health concerns they will only come back to bite you later. Being dehydrated, getting no sleep, drinking too much  - these things will all pile-up and hit you in the face once you finally crash and burn.

  1. Focus On YOU!

Know that it’s important to continuously invest time and effort in yourself.  You can then  discover more about what you need and want in life. When you take the time to discover yourself, you unlock what truly makes you happy.  As we grow and develop, our personalities and needs change as well. You're not the same person at 45 years old as you were at 25, and your interests will be different as well.

  1. Connect With Others 

Surround yourself with others who are positive and support your personal and professional goals. Being motivated can only occur if you have the proper support system. Don’t keep connecting with people who consistently discourage you. That is emotionally exhausting and will contribute to negative self-talk.

This may take time so be gentle on yourself.  Make the choice to find what motivates you and start moving in that direction.