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EB11 Postponed

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A lot has happened this year, there’s no denying that. Part of what we were looking forward to this year was negotiating the EB11 to try and get better working conditions and wages for all Queensland Health Nurses. 

Last week, Queensland Health confirmed, in what we believe to be a completely horrendous way to treat frontline staff, that the EB11 negotiations have been delayed for one year.  Please see the letter attached.


Instead of the EB11 being negotiated this year, negotiations are now set to begin around October 2021 with the EB11 now planned for March 2022!

We are not happy. What we are happy about, however, is the fact that when the time comes, Queensland Health has acknowledged that NPAQ wish to be a negotiating party to the EB11. 

We will continue to keep up the fight to ensure you get the best working conditions possible. Although negotiations have stalled, NPAQ will not, if you've yet to appoint us as your bargaining agent and have your say on what you want to see in the EB11, please fill out this form: https://www.npaq.com.au/eb11