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COVID-19 Testing

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Last week the Australian Medical Association QLD (AMAQ) survey revealed:

-          That medics fear that patients are at risk;

-          Some Government policies make no medical sense;

-          Doctor’s expertise and advice is being ignored;

-          That doctors have little or no faith in the QLD Government’s health system; and

-          Only three per cent say the State’s patients are in good hands.

NPAQ finds this astounding. We do not believe that this is the fault of our hard-working nurses and doctors who are stretched thin and not given the necessary resources to stay safe or provide the quality level of care expected.

Doctors have advised the risks of testing people for COVID-19 in retail outlets like pharmacies. In addition, pharmacists are overwhelmingly opposed to the same trial on safety grounds.

We share the AMAQ & Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s (PSA) concerns and support the AMAQ in calling on the Government to invest more in existing COVID-19 test centres. 

We once again call on the Government to prioritise the safety of nurses, doctors & pharmacists by providing adequate PPE in hospitals.  

See the full Courier Mail report at Extraordinary expose of what Queensland doctors really think