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COVID-19 guidance for nurses & midwives

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Recently AHPRA published guidance on COVID-19 in response to the challenging circumstances and announced some changes to the regulatory framework during this time.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) advised that any issues brought to the NMBA, in relation to either registration or notification, will be considered in light of practising in these circumstances with an expectation that employers of nurses and midwives will provide an environment that is as safe and supported as possible.

What are the changes?

In summary: 

Pandemic Response Sub-registers

Changes to supervision requirements for those wanting to return to practice and the introduction of the Pandemic response sub-registers.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The NMBA believes that most nurses and midwives will be meeting their CPD requirements through new learning related to COVID-19. However, we understand they may not have kept their usual CPD records and reflections.  NMBA advice is to answer all renewal questions honestly and accurately. If you believe you have met the CPD requirements, you can declare this at renewal even if you haven’t kept relevant records. 

The NMBA will not be auditing nurses and midwives against the CPD standard this year, although we may still take action against a nurse or midwife who makes false declarations at renewal.

Although CPD evidence may still be requested for nurses and/or midwives who declare that they are unable to meet the Registration standard: Recency of practice


Professional Indemnity Insurance

AHPRA advises practitioners whose practice has been restricted or who have made a personal choice not to practise should direct enquiries about possible PII premium refunds to their provider. If you are considering changes to your cover, you should check the NMBA’s PII arrangements registration standard for run-off cover requirements. 

Practitioners are reminded that they must not practise without appropriate PII arrangements in place. If your practice was restricted due to government-imposed restrictions, once they are lifted and you return to normal practice, you must ensure your PII meets Board requirements.

Facilitating access to care in a COVID-19 environment

The NMBA expects all nurses and midwives to facilitate access to care regardless of someone’s vaccination status. People cannot be denied care if steps can be taken to keep the person, health practitioners and their staff safe. 

Facilitating access to care in a COVID-19 environment: Guidance for health practitioners (208 KB, PDF) Word version (120 KB, DOCX)