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Assaults Against Nurses and Healthcare workers

Stop Violence against nurses

Over the past five years, the number of physical assaults and violence against nurses has continued to rise.  At greater risk are those working in aged care, mental health and emergency departments. 

From what we have observed, the current process of reporting assault has resulted in none to very little change in most workplaces.   

NPAQ wants long-overdue improvements in workplace health and safety, including protection against assault, regardless of the mental status of the aggressor.  We can only see this happening if there is a push for an investigation resulting from more evidence and pressure on workforce resources.


  • Take assault seriously – always!
  • Don’t dismiss assault or violence as being ‘part of the job’.
  • Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities and Mental Health Facilities need to be better resourced.

Follow the recommended reporting procedure for any assault or violence outlined in your workplace policy PLUS these vital steps:

STEP 1. Report to Police on 131 444 or attend your local station.

STEP 2. Lodge a workers compensation claim if injured or develop an illness.

STEP 3. For support or advice, contact your NPAQ support team. 

Remember to empower your colleagues to do the same.  

Together we can all push for change in workplace practice and resources to lessen the number of assaults on nurses and healthcare professionals.