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AHPRA silence health professionals



On 2 September AHPRA released a statement reminding health practitioners to be aware of their obligations on Social Media. 

This was met with much backlash at a time when open discussion and communication is so vital during 2020 and our role in managing a pandemic.  

Comments on Twitter included: 

“AHPRA, you have failed to comprehend the intensity of the anger and betrayal HCW’s feel at this disregard for their safety...”

“Why haven’t state and national guidelines changed to protect the HCW at bedside”

“Why aren’t Australian Standards for mask fit testing being implemented in all hospitals?”

“Grotesque hypocrisy from AHPRA” 

“... silencing open and honest debate is not good for the patient.  As soon as you silence HCW’s then you are creating harm’ 

The NPAQ does NOT support AHPRA regulating social media posts made by nurses in their private capacity. Nurses please note while this policy does exist, you should be wary about what you do post online.